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About i3studios

i3studios is a complete IT and web solution provider combining extensive knowledge of networking, security and operating systems, design and coding skills, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Dan Walsh

Some Background

i3studios was founded in 1999 by Dan Walsh as a sole-proprietorship and later converted to a Limited Liability Company (LLC). While initially focusing on IT services, we soon discovered how much we really enjoy web design and development. In 2001 we officially started offering a range of web solutions. Over the years we have expanded our services and knowledge, growing into a full service solution provider.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around our clients' success. We are a value-based company offering more than a traditional web design or IT firm. We work hard to help our clients realize their goals and improve their online and offline technologies. We advocate transparency, enhanced security, the use of web standards, and incorporation of scalable technologies. We help convey to our clients that their website is an important extension of their business and should be maintained as such. As we continue to grow, we have committed to the ideas that founded our business.

Certified Expertise

We've spent years learning, practicing and implementing our wide ranging IT and web development skills. Along the way we've accumulated an extensive list of certifications proving our knowledge pertaining to the solutions we provide.